Internationalization as a Tool (workshop)

Competitiveness is a crucial challenge all universities seem to face nowadays. While earlier strong academic credentials, a great library or an attractive sports club could make a university popular, these days a wide array of assets in a powerful constellation may enable an institution to become successful and sustain a high reputation nationwide as well as in the international arena. Besides identifying the strength and unicalia of a particular HE institution, quality services, powerful leadership, business approaches implemented, efficient structure, strategic planning and many more are essential. No HEI can afford to disregard the relevance of international partners, scientific collaborations, student and academic mobility, foreign language programs and services, internationalization as such. The workshop addresses the ways how internationalization may foster the success of a university, how can a special audit facilitate intra institutional development. It also provides some good practices that exist in the Central European context, and that can be effectively adopted at universities globally. Participants of the workshop (institutional decision makers, academics, international coordinators) can share their own ideas, perceptions, experiences and objectives, while also can learn creative tools and approaches relevant and helpful in their daily work. The work format combines presentations, roundtable and group discussion and collaborative project with follow up assignments to complete at their home institution. Participants receive a certificate of attainment.